January 2, 2017

PCTEL Appoints David Neumann as CEO

Jeff Miller Appointed to Senior Vice President and General Manager RF Solutions

Marty Singer to Serve as Vice Chair

BLOOMINGDALE, Ill.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- PCTEL, Inc. (NASDAQ:PCTI), a leader in Performance Critical Telecom solutions, confirmed that, as previously announced, the PCTEL Board of Directors has appointed David Neumann as CEO effective today. Neumann had been serving as the Senior Vice President and General Manager of the company's RF Solutions group. The Board also appointed Steve Levy, who currently serves on the PCTEL Board, as Chairman. Levy currently chairs the Nominating and Governance Committee. Marty Singer, who has been Chairman and CEO for over 15 years, will serve as the company's Vice Chair but will no longer serve as a director on the company's board.

Jeff Miller, who has been with the company for over 15 years and has held several executive positions, will take over as Senior Vice President and General Manager of RF Solutions, succeeding David Neumann. Arnt Arvik, who recently joined PCTEL from Ascom, has been promoted to Vice President, RF Solutions Global Sales and Services. Rishi Bharadwaj, who has led the company's Connected Solutions group, will continue to lead that organization. His promotion to Senior Vice President and General Manager was previously announced.

"PCTEL has developed a strong leadership team and I'm confident that David, supported by experienced and exceptional executives, will build upon PCTEL's momentum and achieve global leadership in our key product and technology areas," said Marty Singer, PCTEL's Vice Chair. "PCTEL has a great future," Singer added.

"I look forward to the new year and the opportunities for growth in both of our core business areas," said David Neumann, PCTEL's CEO. "I also want to thank Brian Jackman for his years of leadership as Lead Director and thank Steve Levy, our new Chairman, and the board for the opportunity to lead PCTEL. Finally, with the promotion of Jeff Miller to Senior Vice President and General Manager of our RF Solutions group and Rishi Bharadwaj's continued leadership of Connected Solutions, the future of the company is in good hands," added Neumann.


PCTEL, a global provider of RF expertise, delivers Performance Critical Telecom solutions to the wireless industry. PCTEL benchmarks and optimizes wireless networks with its data tools, engineering services, and RF products. PCTEL's antennas and site solutions are vital elements for networks serving SCADA, fleet management, health care, public safety, and education.

PCTEL's RF Solutions products and services improve the performance of wireless networks globally. PCTEL's performance critical products include its SeeGull MXflex®, IBflex®, and EXflex® scanning receivers. PCTEL tools also include CW transmitters, signal analyzers, and the SeeWave® interference locating system. PCTEL's SeeHawk® software portfolio includes SeeHawk® Touch, SeeHawk® Collect, SeeHawk Engage™, SeeHawk Engage+™, SeeHawk Engage™ Lite, SeeHawk™ Studio, and SeeHawk™ Analytics. PCTEL provides specialized interference management and performance critical RF engineering services for wireless networks.

PCTEL Connected Solutions designs and delivers performance critical antennas and site solutions for public and private wireless networks globally. PCTEL's performance critical antenna solutions include high rejection and high performance GNSS products and innovative broadband LTE and Wi-Fi solutions for fixed and mobile applications, including transit, in-building, and small cell networks. In addition, PCTEL provides a broad portfolio of LMR and Yagi antennas. We leverage our design, logistics, and support capabilities to deliver performance critical antenna and site solutions into carrier, railroad, utility applications, oil and gas, and other vertical markets.

PCTEL's products are sold worldwide through direct and indirect channels. For more information, please visit the company's web sites: pctel.com, antenna.com, or rfsolutions.pctel.com

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Source: PCTEL, Inc.

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