PCTEL Receives First DSL Patent Award

PCTEL Receives First DSL Patent Award

June 18, 2001
PCTEL Receives First DSL Patent Award Milpitas, California – June 18, 2001 – PCTEL, Inc. (NASDAQ: PCTI), a leading provider of personal connectivity and Internet access technology, today announced it was awarded a significant DSL patent by the U.S. Patent Office. Titled "Method and Apparatus for Data Transmission Using Discrete Multitone Technology," this technology has the potential to improve DSL modem speeds, depending on the line conditions, by ten to twenty percent over current full-rate DMT implementations.

“This is the first of many advanced digital communications patents that we are targeting to receive going forward,” said William Roach, president and CEO of PCTEL, Inc. “Even in these tough economic times, PCTEL’s commitment to research and development remains unshaken. PCTEL has always considered it imperative not only to develop innovative new products, but also to extend our portfolio of essential patents to advance the entire Internet communications market.” Today, PCTEL has 72 patents either granted or pending. Many of these patents are essential in the modem and soft modem businesses. The company remains committed to expanding its intellectual capital portfolio in such areas as broadband and wireless communications to further its success in the telecommunications industry.

The first major PCTEL DSL product, named LiteSpeedTM, became available for bundling in new PCs in the fall of 2000. LiteSpeed is the industry’s first single-chip combination ADSL / V.90 modem solution. This pre-installed DSL modem enables connections up to 1.5 megabits per second, a 27 times improvement over the fastest analog modem. PCTEL’s LiteSpeed is a key advancement toward making mass-market deployment of DSL a reality.

GartnerGroup, a market research firm based in Stamford, Connecticut, estimates that there were 1.97 million DSL subscribers in the U.S. in 2000. They predict that this number could increase to 12.2 million by 2004. Cahners In-Stat estimated that there were 4.9 million DSL users worldwide by the end of 2000. Korea, Japan and China have emerged as strong growth markets in the last eighteen months.


PCTEL, founded in March 1994, is driving the evolution of innovative, cost-effective personal connectivity solutions including analog soft modems, digital broadband, home networking and embedded Internet access technology. The company is a market leader and has a wide-ranging and comprehensive portfolio of more than 44 broadband and analog communications patents, including the key and essential patents for HSP modem technology. PCTEL products are available to PC and data communications equipment manufacturers, as well as a variety of vertical market OEMs. PCTEL is located at 1331 California Circle, Milpitas, California, 95035. Telephone: (408) 965-2100. Fax: (408) 895-0178. For more information on PCTEL products, visit the PCTEL website at http://www.pctel.com.

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